Faculty of Fine Arts in Kocaeli University was founded in 1997 and started training in the Arslanbey Campus of the university is 1997-1998 training year. It was later transferred to the Campus of Hereke in 1998. Following the earthquake of 1999, the buildings regained with the repair and restoration of the Sümerbank public houses in Hereke began to be used by the Faculty.

Admitting its earliest students for the Departments of Painting, Music and Photography, the Faculty gained a new impetus for its activities with the opening of the Department of Interior Design in 1998-1999 training year.

As of the training year of 2002-2003, the Departments were restructured as the Department of Plastic Arts containing the Branches of Painting and Sculpture, the Department of Photography and Graphic Arts containing the Branches of Photography and Graphic, the Department of Interior Design and the Department of Music.

The Faculty increased the number of the disciplines giving arts training with the opening of the Department of Performing Arts containing the Branches of Acting, Stage Design and Playwriting in 2004. This Department began to admit students in 2006.

At the end of the 2005-2006 training year, the Department of Interior Design was separated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and transferred to the Faculty of Architecture and Design founded only then. The same year witnessed the fact that the Branches of Painting and Sculpture were turned into independent departments.

Founded in July 2006, the Department of Ceramics started its activities by admitting students in 207-2008 training year.

The Department of Basic Training, founded in 2008, started its activities in 2008-2009 training year as a department of coordination and basic courses. However, the Department of Conversation and Restoration of Movable Cultural Entities that was founded the same year has not admitted students yet as the Department is carrying on its attempts to get qualified and adequate academic staff as well as the substructure.

Our Faculty is on its way along with 584 students, 37 academic and 11 civil staff in 9 different disciplines of 7 departments- Photography and Graphic Arts, Sculpture, Music, Painting, Performing Arts, Ceramic and Basic Training.

Our Faculty hosts two full professors, four associate professors, six assistant professors, seventeen university lecturers and eight research assistants. Not only is a graduate training at our faculty, but it also offer MA training at the Departments of Music, Sculpture and Painting, and PhD training at the Department of Plastic Arts. In the 2008-2009 training year, the Branch of Performing Arts is scheduled to start to offer MA training.

In the Hereke Borusan Campus, which is located 30 km to İzmit and 70 km to İstanbul, each department has its own building to carry on its training activities. The Faculty has a sum of 6868 m2 field, 4868 m2 closed and 2000 m2 open field. Besides the workshops and classrooms, our Faculty has two computer laboratories to serve 40 students at once, a conference hall seating 150 people and a library with more than 5000 publications.

Moreover, social life is enriched with the sportive and artistic activities, trips and such attempts realized by the Students’ Club; the funds provided by our university as well as several public and private sector institutions are offered to our students selected by our Commission.

Within the scope of Erasmus program, our university has signed some contracts with some universities in Germany, Belgium and Italy and with some institutions in England, Romania and Holland. In this program, our Faculty attaches much importance to the student and lecturer Exchange programs and international relationships.