The Department was founded in 2004 and admitted its first students in 2006. The Department consists of the Branches of Playwriting, Acting and Stage Design.

In these branches, graduate training is usually given separately but the students find a chance to take place in some theatrical productions of various sizes in and out of the courses, thus tasting the collectivism of theatre and gaining professional experience throughout. These plays, as they are also offered to the audience in the city, are intended to raise the university students’ and city dwellers’ consciousness level of theatre.

The Department aims to raise players, playwrights, scenarists and authors, dramaturges, decor and costume designers, light and effect specialists for cinema, TV, radio, ads, and especially for theatre.

Guided by the view that theatre is a synthesizing art, the Department has acknowledged the thought that the permeability already existing in the sub-disciplines of theatre itself is, and can be, possible between all the arts’ disciplines and theatre.

In this department, Physical Theatre and Puppetry are scheduled to be opened in the forthcoming years.