The Department of Painting started its activities in 1997 by admitting its first students. The Department of Painting was restructured in 2002 under an interdisciplinary approach and turned into the Department of Plastic Arts consisting of the Branches of Painting and Sculpture. In this process, the training towards the synthesis of the painting and sculpture disciplines has yielded to the autonomous academic structuring of these two branches as a result of the requirements that have emerged in the course of time. In this way, the Branches of Painting and Sculpture each became an independent department in 2006 and it was again renamed as the Department of Painting.

The main principle that fixes the training perspective of the Department of Painting is to enable the student to comprehend the painting in its historical process with commitment to interdisciplinary approach and classical education.

The graduates of the Department can carry on their artistic works individually at independent workshops and work as art critics and art supervisors at public and private sectors. They can also work as art gallery directors and art directors.