Kocaeli University Faculty of Fine Arts was founded in 1997 by Professor Doctor Ünal Demirarslan, the first dean, and Associate Professor Doctor Ramazan Akkuş, opened inside Kocaeli University Arslanbey Campus in the school year of 1997-1998, transferred to Hereke Borusan Campus in the school year of 1998-1999. As of the school year of 2011-2012, the faculty has been in Anıtpark Campus in the city center of İzmit.
The Department of Music started admitting students in the school year of 1997-1998. Musicology Program was founded in the school year of 2002-2003 by Doctor Yılmaz Aydın. The department was divided into two programs: Music Societies Program and Musicology Program. In the same year, Postgraduate Musicology Program was initiated within Social Sciences Institute. In the school year of 2012-2013, the name of the Music Societies Program was changed to the Performance Program.
The department consists of Performance Programand Musicology Program, which offer eight terms of undergraduate degree curriculum. Students are admitted by a special talent examination. Graduate degree education consists of a Postgraduate Performance Program within the Social Sciences Institute.

Admission Requirements and Quota

The Performance Undergraduate Program admits 20 students and the Musicology Undergraduate Program admits 10 students. The Postgraduate Performance Program admits 5 students.
Students are required to have a high school diploma, score the minimum points for Kocaeli University Faculty of Fine Arts in the University Admission Test (YGS), and pass the special talent exams held by the Department of Music. Admission requirements for the Postgraduate Program are updated by the Department Chair each year. Applications are admittedseparately for the Musicology Program and the Performance Program prior to examinations.