Graphic program that was initiated as Graphic art major within Arts of Photography and Graphic Department in 2002 has been reconstructed as Department of Graphic since 2009-2010.

The aim of department is to enlighten its students for contemporary approaches of graphical art at global and meso-level perspectives. Through intensive coursework such as the Basic Art Concepts, Expression Methods in Graphic, Perspective, Illustration, Computer Graphics, Typographic Design, Packing Graphics, Graphic Design, Interactive Media, Editorial Graphics, Analysis of Publicity, Comics and Animation within the department students gain proficiency in these areas of study. Moreover, elective studio classes from other disciplines of arts are provided to undergraduate students in order them to enrich their art and design languages.

Meantime, this department gives much importance on the intellectual improvement of their students and encourages the students to deal with ideas at a professional and an academic level. For this purpose, beside theoretical and practical classes close professional association trough seminars and workshops with artists and designers supports education in Department of Graphic.

After graduation self-confident students of graphic design will be able to work as creative director, art director, graphic designer, visual director, visual arts director, original graphic designer, animator, academic and technical illustrator, storyboard illustrator, children books illustrator, web interface designer, printing technician.