The Branch of Playwriting aims to raise the “new playwright” equipped with the systematic knowledge of Turkish and world theatre and having the perspective of “national theatre”, who can use all that knowledge to increase his/her own creative potential andtherefore, it offers a training focusing on dramatic authorship.

In this sense, the secondary field is cinema and TV scenarios and radio plays script authorship. The program contains applied and theoretical courses peculiar to the discipline of authorship, and there are also applied and theoretical courses conducted with the Branches of Acting and Stage Design.

The short plays written by the students of the program are used as the “reading theatre” in the 1st-year class and then they are staged as the departmental productions by the academic staff of the Department.

There is also some emphasis put on the dramaturgy training at this program. The elective “staging” courses aim to provide the students of Playwriting with the chance and capability of staging their plays.