Assoc.Prof.Dr. SAFÝYE BAÞAR   [ CERAMIC ] | [ ]
Head of Department (Ceramic) |  | Safiye Basar graduated from Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Fine Art, in 1992. She started to work as a research assistant in Atatürk University of fine Art faculty. Basar completed her MA on “Technical Research And Visual Analyzes on Anatolian Seljuk’s Ceramics” at Dokuz Eylul University in 1996. She received her PhD degree on “The Original Ceramic Forms and Surfaces With Aventurine Glazes” from Hacettepe University in 2003. She was appointed as Assistance Professor in Kocaeli University of Fine Art Faculty in 2003. She was assigned as head of the Ceramic Department, established in 2006, in the same faculty. She received promotion to Associate Professor in 2014 Basar participated in workshops, “Paper Clay Firing”, “Pit Firing”, “Luster”, “Art and Desing” and symposiums, organized in Latonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Sweden Turkey. She also gave seminars about “Contemporary Turkish Ceramic Art”, in Japan, and “Traditional Turkish Ceramic in Turkey’’, moreover she worked “Cultural Collaboration Programs ” which is organized by some universities from Japan, United State of America and Turkey. She worked as a specialist in Museums Grant Program, European Union - Turkey Intercultural Dialogue –. Basar, participated symposiums, has a lot of published paper and also articles with about art and ceramic. In addition to academic works, Basar continued artistic works and participated national and international group exhibitions and biennial. She has five solo exhibitions. In early period, Basar interested in Anatolia and Mesopotamian mythology. She addresses the issue of Holy Water and Holy Mountain in her artistic works. They, especially her ceramic sculptures, that include some geographic texture from her lived land. In recent works, She has away from social myth; address the issue of social realities and social problems about with woman and environment. Basar point out to the problems of Anatolian’s woman by via the language of ceramic material. She endeavors to strengthen her artistic expression by chancing it historical context or using the physical properties. In addition to her sculptures, there are videos and installation. Videos include some trial about with combination of video and ceramic material. Safiye Basar give some applied and theoretical lessons in undergraduate and graduate programs and currently works as assistant professor at Kocaeli University Fine Art Faculty Department of Ceramics
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